The Run for Hope Foundation utilizes the sport of running or walking in order to raise funds for people, businesses, military families and other charitable organizations that provide for the needs of others through running or walking events. The Run for Hope Foundation is a national foundation that raises money for victims of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, which severely impacted the tri-state area; especially New Jersey and New York, missing person organizations, families, cancer research, military families, homelessness and any other charitable/non-profit organization and/or cause in which the board of the foundation deems appropriate and that has a history of success. Many families, people, businesses and local non-profit organizations are struggling today and are in need of assistance in which funds and needs can be more directly provided without the bureaucracy normally associated with applying. All funds raised will go directly to the needs of the person, organization or entity applying. Each request will be reviewed and a determination will be made based on the application, information provided and a site review.

Frank Del Vecchio, the leader and founder of the Run for Hope Foundation has been a true advocate of giving and charity. Frank recently ran nearly 26miles from his hometown of Ridgewood, NJ to the site of the World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. Frank accomplished this without training and succeeded in raising over $12,000 for Tuesday’s Children, a non-profit organization committed to assisting and helping families who lost a loved one in the terror attacks on 9/11 and emergency responders. The amazing part about this accomplishment was he raised the funds in only four days. It is this spirit, commitment and dedication that the Run for Hope Foundation embodies, the hope that others will also be committed to doing an act of kindness for another person in need.


The Run for Hope Foundation raises funds that are directly distributed to other qualified charities that have a direct impact on the lives of others or direct funds to victims of a natural disaster to help them get back on their feet. All funds raised, with the exception of any fee associated with professional services (i.e.: legal assistance, accounting, etc) is directly provided for relief, not for salaries or administrative costs. Once a run, walk or fundraising event is established, all funds raised are directly contributed to the people or organizations in need of assistance and in which the event was established for.


The Run for Hope Foundation is all about you and what you are willing to do for a cause. Any person can register with the foundation as a runner/walker and raise funds for a particular and qualified charity. Funds raised will be directly contributed to the needs in which the event was established and in the name of the runner/walker who is dedicating and sacrificing themselves for the cause in which they are running for.Volunteers are also utilized to provide assistance and outreach to those in need. Anyone can register to be a volunteer to assist with events and/or with outreach to people and organizations in need.

Board of Directors

Founder and President

Frank DelVecchio

Fairview Chief of Police, Retired

Legal Counsel

Paul Kaufman, Esq

Kaufman, Deutsch and Liebman


Stephen Portis, CPA

Private Practice

Paul Juliano

Assistant Administrator & Superintendent of DPW, Fairview, NJ

Todd Caliguire


Michael Bradley

Bergen County Sherriff's Department

Mauro D. Raguseo

Mayor, Borough of Little Ferry

Anthony Scardino, Jr

Former NJ State Senator

Kenneth Schmidtt

Cliffside Park High School

Donna Abene


Michael Beyer


John Torry

Sergeant, Fairview Police Dept.

Denise DelVecchio


Thomas Donatacci


Elisa Cerrina


James J. Roth